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OMG! A Turnkey Solution to Monetizing Your “Mess(age)” Dollarizing Your Disappointments, and Cashing In On Your Courage With Tantalizing Titles and Words That Sell!

The truth will set you free— but first it will piss you off.

And here is the truth.

Your expert title, bio, talk titles, product names, talks, website— the words you use to get gigs or land clients, or sell product aka as “copy”—IS BORING AND SOUNDS LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

Said another way:

Your copy SUCKS.

You know it. I know it. But what’s worse: your competition knows it, and they are benefiting by making paper off of your clients.

Think about it. If you call yourself a “life coach” or your website says stuff like, “I help businesses make more money” or your elevator pitch is “I do graphics,” take the case that you have just KILLED any real shot you have for attracting the perfect speaking engagements, the right job opportunities, or the clients for whom you are the answer to their prayers.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Is this you?

  • You have spent thousands of dollars on your website—but it’s not making BIG money (AND it should have by now).
  • You have a KILLER product or service—but no one is buying and you sincerely don’t know why.
  • You have an AMAZING story, and when you tell it, people cry—but they don’t buy (holla at your girl if you feel me).
  • You know your sh!t but… no one knows YOU—at least not the RIGHT people. Meaning the ones who can pay you top dollar without having to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  • Your copy keeps attracting the WRONG people who blame you for not being what they thought you said you were.
  • Your words keep attracting BROKE people who nickel and dime you to death!
  • Your titles keep attracting BROKEN people who eat up your time.
  • Your words sound like EVERYBODY else!
  • You are frustrated, disappointed, and possibly resentful of all the money, time, and heart you have poured into your passion—your calling, really—and it has not produced NEARLY what you thought it would by now.

Simply put, you are sick and tired of struggling to make this “thang” (business thang, speaking thang, launch thang—pick your poison) work, and on some very real level you are ready to quit.

But Don’t.

Here’s why. It’s hard to make a cake if you don’t have the right ingredients. Up until now you haven’t had the secret sauce that makes you stand out, magnetizes 100% of the right clients, and converts like crazy. The magic ingredient that is missing from your business model is YOU!!!

No, no—not your representative.

Not the polished, educated version of you.

Not your credentials, titles, gifts, talents, or skills.

What’s missing is your “mess.”

That’s right. I said it.

Your mess. 

And when you learn how to monetize your mess—money starts rollin’ in!

Introducing the Defy Impossible, “KickA$$ Copy that Converts into Cash Curriculum: Monetize Your Mess(age) with Tantalizing Titles and Words That Sell!”

This training is a BEAST.
Here’s Why

From this one course you are going to discover how to monetize your mess, dollarize your disappointments, and cash in on your catastrophic past—simply by infusing your copy with YOU!

Imagine if you could…

  • Articulate the actual words that express your Million-Dollar Moneymaker to the market.
  • Identify who needs you and will GLADLY pay top dollar for your Million-Dollar Message.
  • Start a movement that can touch millions and make millions (like Oprah, Dr. King, and President Obama!)
  • Create a relationship with yourself that LEVERAGES your “mess” in a meaningful way.
  • Discover the secret sauce to crafting copy that converts… over and over again!
  • Structure your story so people don’t just cry, they buy!


During this fun and transformational training, you will learn how to…

  • FINALLY have your “mess” work for you instead of against you
  • Discover the ONE thing you MUST do to have your words convert into cash—immediately (ka ching, baby!)
  • Learn the #1 secret to getting 100% of the right folks to buy (and no, it’s not by acting shady or manipulating!)
  • Discover what it REALLY takes to pimp your pain for profit so you EASILY add an extra “0” to your paycheck—fast!
  • FINALLY finish that website, program description, talk title—or whatever—and stop feeling guilty, embarrassed, or like a failure
  • Identify a plotline that pays so your story serves humanity and changes the world—and much more!

This training can be put into IMMEDIATE action, which is why it’s sooooooo effective!


I know it sounds nuts but you really CAN make GANGSTA cash from the pain of the past. I should know. My momma put me out of her house by the time I was sixteen—and I NEVER went back because things just weren’t okay there. I took to the streets and did everything to survive. Safety, food, and shelter were scarce, and around every corner lurked violence, drugs, prostitution, the police—that whole scene.


One night I was sitting on “my” street corner, Federal and Monument Street, to be exact, deep in piss and beer, praying, “God, please help me.” The answer to that prayer came in the form of my 9th grade math teacher, Mrs. Judy Mae Francis. She helped me. She didn’t shame me. And she taught me through her actions that I mattered; that I had intrinsic value and inherent worth that I didn’t have to earn or prove or pay for with my body in any way, shape, or form.

It was because of Mrs. Francis (she eventually took me in and I call her Nanna now) that I saw myself with new eyes and began to take new actions. Those new actions made me the first in my family to EVER graduate from high school. I went on to get four degrees, including a second master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the most innovative educational institution in the world, Stanford University.

Here’s the thing: I took all of my pain, all of my “mess,” all of my survival and turned it into a system that has generated $7 million for my clients (that’s how effective my sh!t is) and fast-tracked me to the seven-figure mark.

On Yaht with CeCe and Lisa Nichols

What’s more, Hollywood came knocking! The executive producers who created VH1’s Behind the Music series, the Kandy Factory, and Laguna Beach signed me to pitch my very own reality TV business show, called “Seven-Figure Sisters,” to the likes of OWN, Bravo, Lifetime, Oxygen, and WE Network!


So… I know a thing or two about how to monetize your “mess(age).” But not just for me. My titles and words have served my clients in terms of TED talks, getting 30% raises, company cars, closing five-figure deals in 15 minutes, and new careers with fashion designers who dress celebs like Kanye West, AND closing million-dollar investment deals.

“Since I completed Street Smarts for CEOs I was INVITED to do a TED talk! I have learned how to embrace all of who I am and become genuinely proud of who I am.”
Dr. Roni Ellington, STEM Education Consultant, Baltimore, MD

 Just to give you a taste…

Discover the ONE thing that game-changers like Dr. King, Oprah, Toms Shoes, Steve Jobs, Beyoncé, AND President Obama did to get MILLIONS of people to not only join their movement but have OTHERS buy in and make millions!!! (Look, if you are having trouble building your list, reaching more of your target market, or simply have something profound to give the world, but you can’t get your voice heard—you are going to shed tears of gratitude when you learn this secret in day one, session four!!!)

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to know that when you put out your bio or talk description, or launch a product that it would convert into more business and money—every time? Well, you can when you know how to tap into what 90% of experts COMPLETELY overlook! (This tool is sooooooooo effective, and when you see how simple this is, you won’t believe you have been missing it! Session one on day two!)

The Defy Impossible, “KickA$$ Copy Curriculum: Monetizing Your Mess(age) with Tantalizing Titles and Words That Sell!”



“Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence and gave me a new perspective of myself. I . . . created a new position for myself within the company. . . This move increased my income by 30%, a signing bonus and a company car.”
Curlie McCalla, Business Development Manager, Allanson International Inc. in Ontario, Canada

When you sign up today for the KickA$$ Copy Curriculum, you receive access to the one program designed to give you what you need to get going now:

Million-Dollar Moneymaker Formula: Articulate the actual words that express YOUR Worth to the World.

Your pain makes you precious… a true wonder to behold. We hit the ground running by mining your “mess” for that which makes YOU special.

Here we identify the inherent value and intrinsic worth you NATURALLY bring to life! Your million-dollar moneymaker is NOT located in your brain. It’s located in your pain.

And when you find it, you find the key to your seven-figure future!

KickA$$ Created-Self: Leverage Your Mess in a Meaningful Way to Touch Millions and Make Millions! 

You are a game-changer in the making. A way-shower waiting to happen. Part of what’s held you back is shame about your “mess” and not seeing how having all that “stuff” serves others.

But here is the truth: you are your first client.

Here we transform your relationship to yourself so you can, with peace and pride, share your heart with the world in a way that makes your mark, makes a difference… and brings in dollar$!

Getting to Who NEEDS You: Attracting the People who Have Been PRAYING for What Only YOU Can Provide!

Last time I checked, Google had 3.3 billion visitors a DAY looking for solutions to problems. If you know in your heart of hearts your life was spared for something great, that there is greatness on you, then you have to accept that there are MILLIONS of people for whom you are the answer to their prayers. And they are actively looking for YOU.

The problem is: your people, your tribe, would GLADLY pay you top dollar

but… they can’t find you.

In this session, you discover how to position yourself in the marketplace so that your words serve as a dog whistle that only YOUR high-end money-in-fist and ready-to-buy tribe can hear!

Mess-to-Movement Anatomy:  Start a Movement That Can Touch Millions and Make Millions (like Oprah, Dr. King, and President Obama!)

This is going to sound bad. But it’s true. The cheapest and most effective way to market ANYTHING is to start a movement.

downloadThe “March on Washington” was a movement.

“Live Your Best Life” was/is a movement.

“Yes We Can” was a movement—and it worked TWICE!

In this session, you learn my PROVEN formula to take your mess and turn it into a movement, and you practically cut your marketing budget to pennies. You gain loyalty, establish credibility, AND you corner the market!

(#Looks like money and smells like dollars, baby!)

“Dr. V. gave me the confidence and guidance to pursue my dream full time. She helped me to see my network not as a resource for a new “real” job, but as “new money.” She changed my “elevator pitch” for a job interview into a statement on how I empower myself and others through fashion…to uncover needs of both clients and designers, who in turn also became clients!”
Marin Heiskell Lead Stylist and Chief Operating Officer, Haj Designs

Worldview Revenue: The Secret Sauce to Copy that Coverts into CASH…again and again!! 

Owwwwwhaweeeeee!! THIS is the hotness!! Why? Because when you learn the value of worldviews and how to tap in to them, you can make money over and over again! Real talk.

This is so GANGSTA!

It’s almost criminal! Most experts focus on their skills. But everyone has skills. They NEVER learn what you are about to learn, so they struggle, straggle behind the competition, or stumble along, wondering what’s wrong. But not you. Because you are smart.

This session will teach you “how” to fish instead of just simply giving you a fish.

Plotlines that Pay: Structure Your Story So People Don’t Just Cry, They Buy!

Woman displaying her debit cardI hate it when this happens. And trust me, it has happened WAY too many times. You put on your “Sunday best.” You travel to talk or present. You prepare for HOURS. You agonize over what slides to use (if any), which stories to tell, if you look okay. And then you give the BEST talk, speech, or presentation.

People clap.

They laugh.

They cry.

But… (wait for it, wait for it) they DON’T buy. You are floored—at least I was until I realized that I was testifying or doing a Toastmasters talk, or a teaching talk, even a keynote—not a sales talk.

Here we will cover the 7 plotlines that pay! When you tell your story in the right way for your tribe, you add an extra “0” to your paychecks!

Tantalizing Titles and Tags: Tips and Techniques to Get 100% of the Right People to Say “Yes!”

08_Black Girl w: Raining Money“You had me at hello” shows you the power of a tantalizing title, because your title is your “hello.” If your titles and taglines don’t speak directly to the heart of your tribe, you don’t get the shot to make the difference you have been uniquely crafted by life to make. Nor do you get the chance to make money.

Book titles, program names, expert titles, talk titles—are ESSENTIAL to attracting the right people to you, getting great gigs, increasing opt-ins for your list, getting clicks, fans, followers, the open rate of your emails (an email subject line is a tantalizing title) and converting sales online.

During this session you will learn tried-and-true tactics that convert BIG TIME!

Words That Sell:  Workshopping YOUR Words so they Convert into Cash!
Copywriting scrollOur final session is word play! We take a piece of your copy—your bio, the home page of your website, your elevator pitch, your talk title, whatever you want—and WE ALL pour into EACH OTHER! This way you benefit from not simply my genius but the collective brilliance of your peers in the training.

This session is fun, playful, and EXTREMELY magical! Don’t feel pressured to perform! We will select who is willing to workshop a piece, and you can learn by listening and contributing!

No worries.

“Since working with Dr. V. . . I’ve closed a $1.7 million investment deal and finished 3 triathlons.”
Tommy Glenn, CEO, Essentia Financial, Dallas, TX


As an award-winning playwright, poet, and tenured professor, I know the value of peer feedback with a master teacher facilitating the sheer brilliance that gets created in community. Plus it’s a chance for YOU to be seen, heard, and celebrated by a community of like-hearted giants! Yay!!!

“After just one call with Dr. Venus Opal Reese, I received a $10,000 cash infusion in less than 24 hours!”
Tracie J. Hall, Change the World...I Dare You! Brand Strategist for Women Leading Change

When you invest in yourself today you also get…

BONUS#1: Million-Dollar Moneymaker Formula (a $297 value)

  • The Million-Dollar Moneymaker Formula Worksheet is designed so you can get started right away!

BONUS #2: Marketing Copy Samples (a $5K value)

  • Proven Marketing Copy Samples (i.e., opt-in page, sales pages, email launch campaigns, website, etc.) for positioning your worth in the marketplace with scripts, samples, and press releases you can easily plug and play. ($5k value)

So let’s get started.

And just for the record, I know you have poured good money after bad with mentors, programs, marketing, websites and copywriters that didn’t deliver. Me too. I feel you. But none of those failed solutions gave you the structure to deep-dive into YOU to turn your pain into profit. Not one. None of them provided a structure for IMMEDIATE and INTERACTIVE learning where you walk away with copy you can use immediately! And none of them provided customized coaching on the spot so you learn how to infuse your worth, your breath-taking genius into your business model—so you can do it yourself FOR A LIFETIME.

I also used to think I wasn’t ready to write my own copy. But instead of allowing fear to stop me, I forged ahead. Since January I have grossed over $152,000 in product and services sales because I was willing to cash in on my courage. Money I would have missed had I hesitated.

Its true—you probably don’t feel you’re ready. I sure didn’t. And if I let that stop me, I never could have easily paid in full for my Rolex (my first luxury item), bought my first pair of Gucci shoes on Rodeo Drive (in preparation for my upcoming business reality TV show), or bought tickets to take the love of my life on her dream vacation to Dubai and India (which was on her bucket list). Without breaking a sweat. 

How much money are you missing out on by delaying one more day? What dreams are you delaying? How many more months (or years!) will you live with the agonizing pain of living a mediocre life?

Imagine never having to worry about money again. Imagine waking up every morning with the love of your life … the one you may have given up on EVER finding … right next to you… because you stopped hiding in plain sight and let the world see, hear, and fall in love with you. Imagine commanding the stage to rave reviews in front of thousands all over the world. And raking in those massive five-figure (or even six-figure) paydays! It really can happen! 



But Dr. Venus, what if…

…I don’t have the time? Good news—the entire training is designed so you can work through it at your own pace!  No worries.

… I hate to write? Truth is, most people do. You may hate to write, but are you willing to be heard and express your feelings? Some people don’t write; they record the answers to the questions and then have them transcribed. Or others hire professionals to write the copy for them, which is fine. If you know how to turn your mess into your Million-Dollar message, and turn that message into a movement that inspires millions and can make you millions, you can guide the professional on how you want to be positioned and branded in the world. Lord knows you DON’T want to hire a professional and leave it to the “expert.” I did that and it cost me a lot! Not just money ($12k to be exact) but also the relationship, because I put a lot of pressure on the professional to know what I valued and to come up with my voice and message. They did their best, but I was never satisfied and they felt blamed. When you know your message, whether you write it or not, you set yourself up for success.

…I don’t have a mess that others want to buy? Awww, baby, it’s okay! Your mess doesn’t have to be as extreme as my life. Your mess could be as simple as having stage fright. Or being born the oldest and never being able to let others lead. It doesn’t have to be traumatic. How about this: if there is an area where you have felt stuck or played safe or lived small and you broke through—that’s a mess you can turn into a Million-Dollar message for the millions who haven’t done so yet. The world is hungry for leadership, and you will be surprised at how many people will follow you and buy from you when you authentically share yourself. Does that help? I hope it does.

…I don’t have the money? I hear you. Cash is tight. We are in a recovering economy. That’s exactly why I offer a 3-pay option. For less than the price of a good sew-in, sisterlocks, or attending the Essence Music Festival, you can invest in learning how to monetize. As Black Women (and the brothers who love us), we have been taught to put our money “on” us instead of “in us.” When you invest in learning how to make money using words, you break the generational curse of Black Women being the beast of burden, the scapegoat, or the cash cow. You learn to make money off of “what you know” instead of from “what you do.” That is called FREEDOM.

Making It Totally Safe For You 

Satisfaction SealGo through the entire training… really take it in. Try at least 3 of the techniques we present. If you haven’t earned back 4 times what you paid for the course within a year, simply show us the techniques you’ve tried and we will give you a complete refund!

Let’s talk money.

01_MoneyStackII585If you invested in each piece of this program separately, including bonuses, the investment would exceed $21k, which is about right if you know ANYTHING about what it costs to hire a proven professional copywriter to do it for you. Copywriting that actually converts is an art. It can be learned, which will save you tens of thousands of dollars for years to come. I learned it, and so can you.

Look, may I be completely honest with you?

Worrying about making money in my business was costing me my life.

My sex life was in the toilet. I was working day and night trying to get this business thang to produce, with no time for friends or going to the gym. Stomach pains, sleepless nights, and anxiousness were my new normal as an entrepreneur/speaker/mentor.

I was stressed out on my way to burned out. Can you relate?

Worrying about money kills your libido and zaps your energy. And it’s a downward spiral of worry, stress, not working out, being short-tempered with your kids or beloved, and then feeling guilty, like a loser, or desperate. At least it was for me.

Here’s the good news!

When you know how to monetize your mess, you can:

      • FINALLY stop working so hard. (THANK GOD!)
      • You get your life back.
      • You stop working “in” your business and can start working “on” your business.
      • You have time to have a sex life—and enjoy it instead of worrying about money.
      • Your energy increases and you start to really enjoy being alive again.
      • AND you become more attractive! I know it sounds nuts, but when you stop stressing how to make this business thang make money, the weight of worry drops (in some cases both emotionally and physically) and you become fun again!

Wouldn’t having your life back be worth only $1500 or 3 easy payments of $597? It was for me. when I first learned how to monetize—instead of hustle—my life became super easy. I didn’t have to work with people I didn’t like or do things I didn’t want to do. If money’s tight, I can send an email or put up a compiling post on Facebook to attract the right people and close a $15k ninety-day program or a $10k VIP day. How sweet is that? Would you like to do the same?

When you learn how to write KickA$$ Copy, you have a bankable skill for life. It is an investment that will keep paying for itself as long as you need words to grow your business, get your message out, and get your voice heard.

To enroll now and end your money stress, click on the button below. As soon as your payment clears, you’ll receive our “Million-Dollar Moneymaker Formula” Worksheet so you can get started right away! Plus our welcome video, to help you get a head start on touching millions with your story and making BIG money—on your own terms.

Is the training for you? I can’t answer that for you. What I can say is this amazing value is a one-time-only offer. I won’t be offering this training again at this price. Ever. Especially with my reality TV show coming. My time will not allow it and my rates will go up.

Only you can say if it’s time for you to make your mark on human history and be handsomely rewarded for your walk.


So here you are once again. At a crossroads.

By acting now, you ensure staking your claim to your share of the market. To overcome your inertia (and maybe fear) and take your first steps to amazing rewards that the ability to monetize can offer. To never ever have to say, “Why are they making so much more than I am? They don’t even know half of what I know! WTF!!!”

I invite you to invest in a lifetime skill that will have you stand out in the marketplace, attract 100% of the right high-end clients to you, and provide you with the means to live a stress-free life of luxury that you only see in the movies.

PS. I really do mean live a lifestyle you only see in the movies. Like walking on the beach with pink sand at sunset with your love—because you can EASILY afford it. Or sending your child to the best private school. No problem. Or simply paying your credit cards off—at one time because you have the money. Monetize like a master! Start now

PSS. What do you have to lose? My clients have made $7 million using some of the tools we will be covering in this training, and Hollywood came to ME because I monetized my mess. All the risk is on me… experience the full training up to a year! The only thing you have to lose is stress and non-money-making strategies! #holla Get started today.

PSSS. Where are my sisters at!!!??? Look, you (and I) have spent more on less! A good sew-in, sisterlocks, or attending the Essence Festival is FAR MORE than this entire training. Isn’t it time to put your money “in” you instead of “on” you? Let’s break the generational curse of making money from what we do and start making EASY stress-free money from what we “know!” #hollaatyourgirl Enroll now.